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Flashback: 23rd of May

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Final episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" airs

The Next Generation series finale, "All Good Things...", was a double-length episode that revisited the events of the pilot and provided a bookend to the series. Toronto's SkyDome played host to a massive event for the series finale. Thousands of people packed the stadium to watch the final episode on the stadium's JumboTron.

Giovanni Falcone is killed by the Corleonesi Mafia

Giovanni Falcone was born on 18 May 1939 in Palermo and died at the age of 53. He is known for the fight with Sicilian Mafia, who eventually killed him on the A29 motorway near the town of Capaci. He was integrated in Antimafia pool or Maxi Trial.


England suffer their biggest ever defeat

The game was played between the Hungary national football team and the England national football team, hailing from the birthplace of the game of football. England approached the game in the hope that the 6–3 result had been an aberration; instead, Hungary provided a masterclass of football and thrashed England 7–1.