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On this day: 21st of August

2018Aug 21

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is released for Xbox One

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is an RPG game developed by NeocoreGames. The game focuses on an Inquisitor protagonist and the work of the Inquisition. The single-player campaign pitches players into a grim and secret war among the stars as the agents of the ever-vigilant Inquisition. After the end of the campaign, the story continues in a colossal sandboxed game set in the same secluded sector of this vast universe. The game on PC was released on June 5.

21st century
2017Aug 21

Reality show "Cops" celebrates its 1000th episode

Cops celebrated its 1,000th episode with a live special on Spike called Cops: Beyond the Bust, hosted by Terry Crews, which included historical clips from the run of the series as well as reunions of officers and the suspects that they arrested. The date of the 1,000th episode also marked a shift from Saturday to Monday airing.

2015Aug 21

Thalys train attack

A man on a Thalys train on its way from Amsterdam to Paris opened fire in a train carriage before his assault rifle jammed, and he was subsequently subdued by passengers. Including the assailant, four people were injured. French police believe the incident to be an Islamist terrorist attack, although the attorney for the accused said robbery was his only intent.

2014Aug 21

FXX breaks TV marathon record

FXX is an American digital cable and satellite television channel owned by 21st Century Fox. The channel is best known for setting the record for the longest continuous marathon in the history of television, which featured every single episode of The Simpsons that had already been released at the time, which numbered over 550.

2012Aug 21

Corn price hits all-time high of $849 after dry summer

Corn and soybean prices surged to fresh record highs as concerns heightened over a shortage of crops amid the worst US drought in half a century. The sharp increase in grains prices came as a devastating drought has downgraded prospects for corn and other grains as well as soybeans in the US.


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