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The VIII Olympic Winter Games open in Squaw Valley

The Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California attracted 665 athletes, 521 men, and 144 women, representing 30 countries, who participated in 4 sports and 27 events. Women's speed skating and biathlon made their Olympic debuts. For the 1st and only time, bobsled was not on the Winter Olympic program.

Dwarf planet Pluto is discovered

American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh spotted a moving point when comparing two photographic plates taken six days apart the previous month. He realized that it is probably the Planet X that astronomers were searched for nearly 30 years. Later it was named Pluto, after an ancient god of the underworld.


Dale Earnhardt is killed on the last lap of the Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt was killed in a three-car crash on the final lap of the race. He collided with Ken Schrader after making small contact with Sterling Marlin and hit the outside wall head-on. Earnhardt died immediately of blunt force trauma to his head. His public funeral service was held 4 days later at the Calvary Church in Charlotte.

Anniversaries of famous

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John Travolta

born 1957

Vanna White

born 1965

Dr. Dre

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