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Track & Field: Catamount Combined Events Challenge (4/14/19)


A to X - Combined Events: Decathlon Heptathlon


HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Senior Track & Field and Combined Events Championships


Combined events Decastar 2014 Decathlon Mixed Zone ITW


Damian Warner 8795pts NR's full decathlon, Götzis 2018 (links to each event in description)

The decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events. The word decathlon is of Greek origin, from δέκα and ἄθλος. Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged on a points system in each event, not by the position achieved. The decathlon is contested mainly by male athletes, while female athletes typically compete in the heptathlon.
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