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DNA Vaccines


How Do DNA Vaccines Work?


How do DNA Vaccines work?


In-Depth: Study suggests COVID-19 can alter DNA


Can the mRNA COVID vaccines change our DNA?

A DNA vaccine is a type of vaccine that transfects a specific antigen-coding DNA sequence into the cells of an organism as a mechanism to induce an immune response.
  • History 

  • Advantages 

  • Vector design 

  • Vaccine insert design 

  • Delivery 

  • Saline injection 

  • Gene gun 

  • Mucosal surface delivery 

  • Polymer vehicle 

  • ELI immunization 

  • Helper T cell responses 

  • Other types of T-cell help 

  • Basis for different types of T-cell help 

  • Practical uses of polarised T-cell help 

  • Cytotoxic T-cell responses 

  • Kinetics of antibody response 

  • DNA uptake mechanism 

  • Antigen presentation by bone marrow-derived cells 

  • Maintenance of immune response 

  • Interferons 

  • Cytokine modulation 

  • Immunostimulatory CpG motifs 

  • Alternative boosts 

  • DNA 

  • Alphavirus vectors