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Stroop Test and Eriksen Flanker Task Explained


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Eriksen Flanker Test


NIH Toolbox Flanker Inhibitory Control and Attention Test


Flanker task created with the Python library Expyriment

In cognitive psychology, the Eriksen Flanker Task is a set of response inhibition tests used to assess the ability to suppress responses that are inappropriate in a particular context. The target is flanked by non-target stimuli which correspond either to the same directional response as the target, to the opposite response, or to neither. The task is named for Barbara. A. Eriksen & Charles W. Eriksen, who first published the task in 1974, and also for the flanker stimuli that surround the target. In the tests, a directional response is assigned to a central target stimulus. Various forms of the task are used to measure information processing and selective attention.
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