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Ethiopian wolf


Ethiopian Wolf - Canis simensis


The ethiopian wolf "caberù,Etiopia"


LOBO ETIOPE (Ethiopian Wolf)


8°Parte Etiopia Lupo Etiope ethiopian wolf tra i più rari Avventure nel Mondo Pistolozzi Marco


Kaberu, szakal (wilk) etiopski (abisyński) (Canis simensis).

The Ethiopian wolf is a canid native to the Ethiopian Highlands. It is similar to the coyote in size and build, and is distinguished by its long and narrow skull, and its red and white fur. Unlike most large canids, which are widespread, generalist feeders, the Ethiopian wolf is a highly specialised feeder of Afroalpine rodents with very specific habitat requirements. It is one of the world's rarest canids, and Africa's most endangered carnivore.
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