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Feet forwards motorcycle


Phasar feet forward motorcycle ~ Mark Crowson


Delta FF feet forward motorcycle motorbike Nov 2011(Unedited Long Version)


Ecomobile - Fast Enclosed Feet Forward Motorcycle


Quasar No.5 feet forward motorcycle ~ Mark Crowson


Genesis, a semi-enclosed feet forward motorcycle designed by Ian Pegram

A Feet First (FF) Motorcycle is a class of motorcycle design that seeks to look at the two-wheeled concept afresh, and create a new form of practical personal transport. The name "feet first" was first used by Royce Creasey and refers to the rider's seating position, with feet ahead in a position, rather than below and astride, as with conventional bikes. As there are other types of motorcycle that have a 'feet forward' position, an alternative term sometimes used is Advanced Single Track Vehicle.
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