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Garden of Ninfa


Giardini di Ninfa (Norma, Lazio) - Garden of Ninfa (manortiz)


Giardino di Ninfa 16/04/2017


Gardens of Ninfa! (Rome Video #9)


"Ninja Gardens" Courtneybrannan's photos around Ninfa, Italy (ninfa gardens rome italy)


Cairns Botanic Gardens in Australia 4K

The Garden of Ninfa is a landscape garden in the territory of Cisterna di Latina, in the province of Latina, central Italy. The park has an area of 105 hectares, and is an Italian natural monument. The landscape garden within the park comprises 8 hectares and contains medieval ruins, several oaks, cypresses and poplars, grassy meadows, a wide range of exotic plants from various parts of the world, numerous watercourses and a large variety of rambling roses growing over the stone walls of the ruins. The site is run by the Italian foundation Fondazione Roffredo Caetani. It is open to the public at set times from April to November. Nearby towns include Norma and Sermoneta. Ninfa has been described as "the most romantic garden in the world".