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Kim Myeong-yun



Kim Myeong-yun



[나 혼자 산다] 설거지해주는 남동생이 있다구요...? 비현실적 김사랑 남동생은?!



바티스트 새벽반고고씽 윤대진 운동모음 (Korea Streetworkout Bartist-Yoon daejin Workout)



TOP FC4 - Kim myeong gu VS Yun tae seung



놀이터 맨몸운동

Gim Myeong-yun, also known as Kim Myeong-yun, was a scholar-official of the Joseon Dynasty who was involved in the Eulsa purge of 1545. The Eulsa purge took place following the accession of Myeongjong of Joseon, which brought a new in-law family to power. He was serving as the governor of Gyeonggi province when Yun Won-hyeong began to kill his enemies in the government, including Minister of Punishments Yun Im as well as Minister of Personnel Yu In-suk. Gim told Yun that Prince Gyerim and Prince Bongseong had been aware of the plots of these ministers, and thus brought about the death of Prince Gyerim.