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Gotthard Road Tunnel


The longest Road Tunnel in the Alps Gotthard 4K


CH / A2 Driveway to the Gotthard Tunnel (Göschenen Portal)


St.Gotthard Tunnel Switzerland - One of the longest Road Tunnel in the World


Driving through the St.Gotthard Road Tunnel below St. Gotthard Pass , Switzerland.


St. Gotthard Road Tunnel

The Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland runs from Göschenen in the canton of Uri at its northern portal, to Airolo in Ticino to the south, and is 16.9 kilometres (10.5 mi) in length below the St Gotthard Pass, a major pass of the Alps. At time of construction, in 1980, it was the longest road tunnel in the world; it is currently the ninth-longest. Although it is a motorway tunnel, part of the A2 from Basel to Chiasso, it consists of only one bidirectional tube with two lanes. With a maximum elevation of 1,175 metres (3,855 ft) at the tunnel's highest point, the A2 motorway has the lowest maximum elevation of any direct north-south road through the Alps.