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French Army


FRENCH ARMY - "Armée de Terre" | Tribute 2017 HD


French Army 2019 ✪ French Military Power 2019 ✪ How Powerful is France ?! ✪ الجيش الفرنسي


The French Army - L'armée Française


The French Army - L'armée Française


The French army - L'armée Française


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The French Army, officially the Ground Army is the land-based and largest component of the French Armed Forces. It is responsible to the Government of France, along with the other four components of the Armed Forces. The current Chief of Staff of the French Army (CEMAT) is General Jean-Pierre Bosser, a direct subordinate of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CEMA). General Bosser is also responsible, in part, to the Ministry of the Armed Forces for organization, preparation, use of forces, as well as planning and programming, equipment and Army future acquisitions. For active service, Army units are placed under the authority of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CEMA), who is responsible to the President of France for planning for, and use, of forces.
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