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G. Evelyn Hutchinson


Crucible of Evolution: G. Evelyn Hutchinson & The Invention of Modern Ecology


G. Evelyn Hutchinson and the Invention of Modern Ecology


2017 G Evelyn Hutchinson Award to Philip Boyd


2018 G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award to Emily Stanley


2019 G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award to Oscar Schofield

George Evelyn Hutchinson, was a British ecologist sometimes described as the "father of modern ecology." He contributed for more than sixty years to the fields of limnology, systems ecology, radiation ecology, entomology, genetics, biogeochemistry, a mathematical theory of population growth, art history, philosophy, religion, and anthropology. He worked on the passage of phosphorus through lakes, the chemistry and biology of lakes, the theory of interspecific competition, and on insect taxonomy and genetics, zoo-geography and African water bugs. He is known as one of the first to combine ecology with mathematics. He became an international expert on lakes and wrote the four-volume Treatise on Limnology in 1957.
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