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16/10/1793 Marie Antoinette is guillotined


16th October 1793: The Execution of Marie Antoinette


Marie Antoinette's Last Day


A look inside Marie Antoinette's former cell at Conciergerie prison in Paris


Marie Antoinette - The Last Queen of France Before The French Revolution| Mini Bio| BIO

As Marie Antoinette was preparing for her execution, she put on a plain white dress, because it is the color the widowed queens of France wore. Despite the insults of the crowd on her way to the place of execution, she remained still. Her body was later thrown into an unmarked grave in the Madeleine cemetery.
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    • Dauphine of France (1770–74) 

    • Queen of France and Navarre (1774–91) 

    • French Revolution before Varennes (1789–91) 

    • Flight, arrest at Varennes and return to Paris (21–25 June 1791) 

    • Radicalization of the Revolution after Varennes (1791–92) 

    • Events leading to the abolition of the monarchy on 10 August 1792 

    • Marie Antoinette in the Temple 

    • Trial and execution (14–16 October 1793) 

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