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How To Say Gnathostomata


৩০. অধ্যায় ১: প্রাণিবৈচিত্র‍্য - ভার্টিব্রাটার অধিশ্রেণি (Agnatha, Gnathostomata)


৩৩. অধ্যায় ১: প্রাণিবৈচিত্র‍্য – ন্যাথোস্টোমাটা (Gnathostomata)

Gnathostomata | Animal kingdom for NTSE AND OLYMPIAD | Olympiad Quest | Sandeep Godara


Gnathostomata are characterised by the presence of

Gnathostomata are the jawed vertebrates. The term derives from Greek: γνάθος "jaw" + στόμα "mouth". Gnathostome diversity comprises roughly 60,000 species, which accounts for 99% of all living vertebrates. In addition to opposing jaws, living gnathostomes have teeth, paired appendages, and a horizontal semicircular canal of the inner ear, along with physiological and cellular anatomical characters such as the myelin sheathes of neurons. Another is an adaptive immune system that uses V(D)J recombination to create antigen recognition sites, rather than using genetic recombination in the variable lymphocyte receptor gene.
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