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"I Luh God" is a song by American gospel singer Erica Campbell of Mary Mary. The song also features American gospel rapper LaShawn Daniels, who produced the song, also known as Big Shizz, who is uncredited. It is her second single from her album Help 2.0. The song is considered to be an example of an uprising music genre called "Trap Gospel", as it has a drum machine, bass, and a rap tone in Campbell's voice. The song has caused controversy, with many people claiming the song`s sound too secular. YouTuber KevOnStage has uploaded a response video addressing the song. In the course of the song, Campbell seems to call out the very voices and messages that are traditionally associated with the beat. “You ain’t got the money moving by yourself/And you know you did it with a lot of help/You know it’s only one, it ain’t nobody else”The lines immediately recall Drake‘s “All Me,” featuring Big Sean and 2 Chainz, which boasts “Came up, that’s all me/Stayed true, that’s all me/No help that’s all me, all me for real.” The Yolonda Adams Morning Show wrote on their website.