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Howrah Junction railway station


हावड़ा स्टेशन भारत का सबसे बड़ा जंक्शन | Howrah Junction | One of the Biggest railway station in India


HWH, Howrah Junction railway station, India in 4K Ultra HD


Howrah Junction Station |Busiest Station in India | Kolkata|West Bengal


Howrah Railway Station Platform


Howrah Junction Railway Station -- The Largest Railway Complex In India

Howrah Junction, also known as Howrah Station, is the largest railway complex in India and it is a railway station which serves Kolkata and Howrah, India. Approximately 687 passenger trains pass through the station each day requiring its 23 platforms and serving more than 1 million passengers per day with a high train handling capacity. Howrah Junction is one of five intercity railway stations serving the city of Kolkata, the others being Sealdah, Santragachi, Shalimar, and Kolkata railway station. The station is located in Howrah on the west bank of the Hooghly River.1373 stations across India are directly connected to Howrah Railway Station.The Station is one of the largest stations in India.
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