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What is Hydrolysis? + Examples


Dehydration Synthesis And Hydrolysis - What Is Anabolism - What Is Catabolism


Hydrolysis and Dehydration Synthesis


Condensation and Hydrolysis Reactions


Acid Catalyzed Ester Hydrolysis: General Reaction

Hydrolysis is a term used for both an electro-chemical process and a biological one. The hydrolysis of water is the separation of water molecules into the constituent hydrogen and oxygen atoms with electricity. Biological hydrolysis is the cleavage of biomolecules where a water molecule is consumed to effect the separation of a larger molecule into component parts. When a carbohydrate is broken into its component sugar molecules by hydrolysis, this is termed saccharification. Generally, hydrolysis or saccharification is a step in the degradation of a substance OR in the language of chemistry "The reaction of cation and anion or both with water molecule due to which pH is altered, cleavage of H-O bond in hydrolysis takes place."