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Jaws (ride)


JAWS! Full Ride (HD POV) Universal Studios


Jaws Ride (Gone Wrong)


Jaws ride at Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles CA


Minecraft - Jaws Ride Replica V2 (Old Version)


Jaws Ride Universal Studios HD - Backlot Studio Tram Tour!

Jaws is a theme park attraction at Universal Studios Japan. Based upon the films of the same name. The attraction places guests aboard tour boats for what should be a leisurely tour of Amity Harbor, but instead becomes a harrowing chase between the craft and a very determined great white shark. Jaws is an expanded version of a famous miniature attraction on the long-running and world famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, also inspired by the film, and can be found at Universal Studios Japan near Osaka, and formerly, at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando.