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Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39


Explore Kennedy Space Center: Pad 39B


STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis Rollout To KSC's Launch Complex 39A


Kennedy's Launch Pad 39B Transforms for Launch of Largest Rocket Ever


NASA Holds Pre-launch Briefing at Historic Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center


SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster with Max Damage Returns to Launch Complex 39A

Launch Complex 39 (LC-39) is a rocket launch site at the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida, United States. The site and its collection of facilities were originally built for the Apollo program, and later modified for the Space Shuttle program. As of 2017, only Launch Complex 39A is active, launching SpaceX's Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. Pad 39B is being modified to launch NASA's Space Launch System. A new, smaller pad, 39C was added in 2015 to support smaller launches but has not yet been used.