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Kingdom of Armenia


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History of Armenia, ancient period, Orontid and Artaxiad dynasties

The Kingdom of Armenia, also the Kingdom of Greater Armenia, or simply Greater Armenia, was a monarchy in the Ancient Near East which existed from 321 BC to 428 AD. Its history is divided into successive reigns by three royal dynasties: Orontid, Artaxiad and Arsacid (52–428).
  • Country facts 

  • Origins 

  • Orontid dynasty 

  • Artaxiad dynasty 

  • Roman rule 

  • Arsacid dynasty 

  • Under Tigranes the Great 

  • Legio I Armeniaca-Armenian First Legion 

  • Legio II Armeniaca-Armenian Second Legion 

  • Mythology and pre-Christian religion 

  • Zoroastrianism 

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