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Kraków Ghetto


The Krakow Ghetto


Holocaust Survivor Rena Schondorf - selections in the Krakow ghetto


1939 Poland - Market Day and Jews In Occupied Krakow - German Amateur Film


Deportation to the Krakow ghetto


Schindler's List(1993) - "Jewish Town" The Krakow Ghetto

The Kraków Ghetto was one of 5 major, metropolitan Jewish Ghettos created by Nazi Germany in the new General Government territory during the German occupation of Poland in World War II. It was established for the purpose of exploitation, terror, and persecution of local Polish Jews, as well as the staging area for separating the "able workers" from those who would later be deemed unworthy of life. The Ghetto was liquidated between June 1942 and March 1943, with most of its inhabitants sent to their deaths at Bełżec extermination camp as well as Płaszów slave-labor camp, and Auschwitz concentration camp, 60 kilometres (37 mi) rail distance.
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