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Lattice energy


15.1 What is Lattice Energy? [HL IB Chemistry]


What is the Difference Between Lattice Energy and Hydration Energy | Chemical Equilibrium


Solvation, Lattice Energy and Hydration Energy


Theoretical vs Experimental Lattice Energy


Understanding Lattice Energy

The lattice energy of a crystalline solid is often defined as the energy of formation of a crystal from infinitely-separated ions and as such is invariably negative. An alternate definition which results in a positive value for the lattice energy is also commonly used. The precise value of the lattice energy may not be determined experimentally, because of the impossibility of preparing an adequate amount of gaseous ions or atoms and measuring the energy released during their condensation to form the solid. However, the value of the lattice energy may either be derived theoretically from electrostatics or from a thermodynamic cycling reaction, the Born–Haber cycle. once the gaseous ions are formed,the ions of opposite charges come close together and pack up.
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