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Li Shiji


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Chinese Tang-Gokturk War 7th Century 貞觀之治, 安西大都護府


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Li Shiji, courtesy name Maogong, posthumously known as Duke Zhenwu of Ying, was a Chinese general who lived in the early Tang dynasty. His original family name was Xú, but he was later given the family name of the Tang imperial clan, Li, by Emperor Gaozu, the Tang dynasty's founding emperor. Later, during the reign of Emperor Gaozong, Li Shiji was known as Li Ji to avoid naming taboo because the personal name of Emperor Gaozong's predecessor, Emperor Taizong, had the same Chinese character "Shi". Li Shiji is also referred to as Xu Maogong in the historical novels Shuo Tang and Sui Tang Yanyi.
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  • During Emperor Gaozong's reign 

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