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Why I Am A Lolita: The Modern, Modest Japanese Subculture


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Lolitas: Japanese subculture of doll costumes


The Lolita Subculture

Lolita is a fashion subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing and styles from the Rococo period. A very distinctive property of Lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness. This clothing subcuture can be categorized into three main substyles: 'gothic', 'classic', and 'sweet' Many other substyles such as 'Sailor', 'Country', 'Hime' (princess), 'Ero', 'Guro', 'Oriental', 'Punk', 'Shiro (white)', Kuro (black) and Steampunk Lolita also exist. This style evolved into a widely followed subculture in Japan and other countries in the 1990s and 2000s and may have waned in Japan as of the 2010s as the fashion became more mainstream.
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