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Mets–Yankees rivalry

The Mets–Yankees rivalry refers to the latest incarnation of the Subway Series, which is the interleague rivalry between New York City's Major League Baseball (MLB) teams: the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. The Mets are a member club of MLB's National League (NL) East division, and the Yankees are a member club of MLB's American League (AL) East division.


  • 1962–96: Formation of the Mets, Mayor's Trophy and pre-interleague era 

  • 1997–1999: Interleague regular season play begins 

  • 2000: World Series meeting 

  • 2001–2008: The rivalry continues in the 21st century 

  • 2009 to present: New stadiums 

  • Year-by-year results 

  • Notable players who played for both teams 

  • Fan cheering groups 

  • Fan demographics 

  • Rivalry outside baseball