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Nieuport 17


Nieuport 17 Scout


Nieuport 17 airplanes being built in a factory in France during World War I HD Stock Footage


Nieuport 17 Take-off and Landing


Nieuport 17/23 Scout - Shuttleworth Season Premier Airshow 2019

The Nieuport 17 C.1 was a French sesquiplane fighter designed and manufactured by the Nieuport company during World War I. An improved development of the Nieuport 11/16, it was a little larger than its predecessors, and better adapted to the more powerful engine of the N.16. It also incorporated a number of recent innovations, such as the newly-developed Alkan-Hamy synchronization gear, which permitted the use of a fuselage-mounted synchronised Vickers gun, which could safely fire directly through the propeller arc.
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