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Ninigret Pond


Dredging Ninigret Pond


Ninigret Pond Wetland Restoration


Oceanfront Camping at the Charlestown Breachway - Aug 2017


Court and John Stand Up Paddle Rhode Island - 4K


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Ninigret is a coastal lagoon in Charlestown, Rhode Island, in the United States, located at 41°22′45″N 71°38′43″W. It is the largest of the nine lagoons, or "salt ponds", in southern Rhode Island. It is utilized for recreational actives, as well as oyster and quahog harvesting. Found along its shores are "extensive" archaeological remains. Ninigret Pond, like others in the region, was "formed after the recession of the glaciers 12,000 years ago". The pond is situated on low-lying ground, and as such, it is considered particularly vulnerable to storm surge flooding. It is connected to Green Hill Pond via a small channel.