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Graceful fern


Niphidium crassifolium commonly known as the graceful fern is a species of fern in the Polypodiaceae family found in Central and South America. It is predominantly an epiphytic, growing on other plants for example in the canopies of trees, but is occasionally grows on rocks or on the ground, particularly at higher altitude. It has a rhizome from which many fine rootlets covered in dark reddish-brown scales grow. Together they form a root basket, which when growing on trees, helps to trap leaf litter and dust, forming a nutrient-rich soil which holds water. Its leaves are simple in shape, 13–85 centimetres (5–33 in) long and 3–5 centimetres (1.2–2.0 in) wide and when dry are covered by a wax-like film. The sori are round and large, occurring in single rows between veins at the far end of the leaf.


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