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Nippon Broadcasting System


[HD]Kisarazu,Chiba,Japan. Nippon Broadcasting System,Transmmit Station.(ニッポン放送送信所)


Radio Nippon


Squeak Noise


東京都足立区東六月町 ニッポン放送足立予備送信所


千葉県木更津市椿 ニッポン放送木更津送信所

Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. , or JOLF, is a Japanese radio station in Yurakucho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, next to the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Founded in 1954, it is together with Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, the flagship station of the National Radio Network. Nippon Broadcasting System is a subsidiary of Fuji Media Holdings, which is part of the Fujisankei Communications Group. It is also the main company of the Nippon Broadcasting Group. Nippon Broadcasting System was instrumental in the creation of several companies including Fuji Television in 1957, Pony Canyon in 1966 and the Fujisankei Communications Group in 1967. Nippon Broadcasting System is also the home of the long-running radio program All Night Nippon.
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