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The Nisenan are a group of Native Americans and an Indigenous people of California from the Yuba River and American River watersheds in Northern California and the California Central Valley. The Nisenan previously had federal recognition via the Nevada City Rancheria. Some Nisenan people today are enrolled in the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians, a federally recognized tribe. The Nisenan people come from a larger Native American people known as the Maidu. More specifically, the Nisenan people are part of the Southern Maidu. The Maidu were split up into three regions. The Northeast, the Northwest, and the South. They have been delineated by their geographical approximation and so in many texts are further subcategorized as Valley Nisenan, Hill Nisenan, and Mountain Nisenan. Because of these geographical barriers there are many customs and cultural practices that are unique to each region. Although they have existed in these regions prior to outside presence they are not recognized by the US government.