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Noma (restaurant)


Inside Noma's new restaurant and fermentation lab


Noma: the brand new Vegetable Season, June 2019. All the dishes!


Enter the Jungle Pop-up Restaurant by René Redzepi – Noma Mexico in Tulum


René Redzepi makes the signature Noma dish: Vintage carrot and camomile


Une vie : René Redzepi, chef du restaurant Noma

Noma is a two-Michelin-star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name is a syllabic abbreviation of the two Danish words "nordisk" (Nordic) and "mad" (food). Opened in 2003, the restaurant is known for its reinvention and interpretation of the Nordic Cuisine. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, it was ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant magazine.
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