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Northeast Greenland National Park


The LEAST VISITED Park on Earth (North East Greenland)


One of the most silent places on earth - North East Greenland Nationalpark


Northeast Greenland National Park, ice sheets, glaciers, fjords, arctic,


Elephant Foot Glacier at Romer Lake in Greenland, travel, Northeast Greenland National Park tourism


Vildtland, Northeast Greenland

Northeast Greenland National Park is the world's largest national park and the largest protected land area. Established in 1974 and expanded to its present size in 1988, it protects 972,000 km2 (375,000 sq mi) of the interior and northeastern coast of Greenland and is bigger than all but twenty-nine countries in the world. It was the first national park to be created in the Kingdom of Denmark and remains Greenland's only national park.
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