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Romanian Revolution


Days that Shook the World - The Romanian Revolution 1989


ITN News - Romanian Revolution 22nd December 1989


Ceremony to mark 20th annisversary of Romanian revolution


Ceremony to mark 20th anniversary of Romanian revolution


Celebrations marking 25 anniversary of the start of the Romanian revolution

The Romanian Revolution was a period of violent civil unrest in the Socialist Republic of Romania in December 1989 and part of the Revolutions of 1989 that occurred in several countries. The Romanian Revolution started in the city of Timișoara and soon spread throughout the country, ultimately culminating in the show trial and execution of longtime Communist Party General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, and the end of 42 years of Communist rule in Romania. It was also the last removal of a Marxist-Leninist government in a Warsaw Pact country during the events of 1989, and the only one that violently overthrew a country's government and executed its leader.
  • Background 

  • Timișoara uprising 

  • Revolution spreads 

  • Military defection and Ceaușescu's fall 

  • New government 

  • Casualties 

  • Aftermath