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Platinum-based antineoplastic


Anticancer Drugs (Part-06) = Platinum Coordinated Complex = Cisplatin and Carboplatin (HINDI)


Pharmacology - Chemotherapy agents (MOA, Alkalating, antimetabolites, topoisomerase, antimitotic )


Negative results from trial of roniciclib compared to platinum-based chemotherapy for SCLC


Dr. Tolaney on Platinum-Based Therapy in Neoadjuvant Setting of TNBC


Test to identity which breast cancer patients will respond to platinum-based chemotherapy

Platinum-based antineoplastic drugs are chemotherapeutic agents used to treat cancer. They are coordination complexes of platinum. These drugs are used to treat almost half of people receiving chemotherapy for cancer. In this form of chemotherapy, popular drugs include cisplatin, oxaliplatin, and carboplatin, but several have been proposed or are under development. Addition of platinum-based chemotherapy drugs to chemoradiation in women with early cervical cancer seems to improve survival and reduce risk of recurrence.