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Comparison: Pocket Trumpet, Bb Trumpet and Cornet


The Pocket Trumpet!


Victor Caingat Jr. Pocket Trumpet


Shamarr Allen Gets Endorsed by Carol Brass "NEW BLACKHAWK POCKET TRUMPET"


The Carol Brass Pocket Trumpet

The pocket trumpet is a compact size B♭ trumpet, with the same playing range as the regular trumpet. The length of the tubing, if straightened, would measure the same as that of a standard trumpet. However, the tubing is wound more tightly than that of a standard trumpet to reduce the instrument's size while retaining the characteristic sound. The bell is generally of smaller diameter than a standard trumpet. It is not a standardized instrument to be found in concert band or orchestra brass sections and is generally regarded as a novelty. It is used mostly by trumpet players as a practice instrument that can be packed in a suitcase and taken to places where carrying standard trumpets would be a problem. Although not having a reputation as a serious concert band or orchestra instrument, it has occasionally been used by soloists in jazz or other ensembles to add flair and variety.