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19/01/1807 Robert E. Lee is born

Robert E. Lee was an American general known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. Lee became the great Confederate hero of the War, a postwar icon of the "Lost Cause of the Confederacy" to some.


  • Essentials 

  • Early life and career 

  • Military engineer career 

  • Marriage and family 

  • Mexican–American War 

  • Early 1850s: West Point and Texas 

  • Late 1850s: Arlington plantation and the Custis slaves 

  • Harpers Ferry and Texas, 1859–1861 

  • Civil War 

  • Postbellum life 

  • Illness and death 

  • Legacy 

  • Dates of rank 

  • In popular culture