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Supermax prison


Life in a Supermax prison cut off from the world


Controversial ‘Supermax’ prison known for extreme isolation


Inside the Supermax Prison Where El Chapo Will Be Housed


See 'El Chapo' Shackled Behind Bars at New Maximum Security Prison


El Chapo may serve life sentence in Colorado 'Supermax' prison - TomoNews

A super-maximum security (supermax) or administrative maximum (ADX) prison is a "control-unit" prison, or a unit within prisons, which represent the most secure levels of custody in the prison systems of certain countries. This is often the most secure form of security within a certain prison system. The objective is to provide long-term, segregated housing for inmates classified as the highest security risks in the prison system—the "worst of the worst" criminals—and those who pose an extremely serious threat to both national and global security.
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