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'Who are you to lecture us?': Taliban supreme leader appears in Kabul, defends Shariah law

The Taliban is a Deobandi Islamist religious-political movement and military organization in Afghanistan. Currently one of two entities claiming to be the legitimate government of Afghanistan, alongside the internationally recognized Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Taliban maintain de facto control over the country. The Taliban's ideology has been described as combining an "innovative" form of Sharia Islamic law based on Deobandi fundamentalism and militant Islamism, combined with Pashtun social and cultural norms known as Pashtunwali, as most Taliban are Pashtun tribesmen. The group is internally funded by its activities in the illegal drug trade by producing and trafficking narcotics such as heroin, extortion, and kidnap and ransom. They also seized control of mining operations in the mid 2010s which were illegal under the previous government.
  • Etymology 

  • Aims 

  • Soviet intervention (1978–1992) 

  • Afghan Civil War (1992–1996) 

  • 1994 

  • Education 

  • Pakistani involvement 

  • The conquest of Kandahar 

  • 1995 – September 1996 

  • Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (1996–2001) 

  • Afghanistan during Taliban rule 

  • Role of the Pakistani military 

  • Anti-Taliban resistance under Massoud 

  • Prelude 

  • Coalition invasion 

  • Targeted killings 

  • Resurgence after 2001 

  • 2021 offensive 

  • Massacre campaigns 

  • Human trafficking 

  • Oppression of women 

  • Violence against civilians 

  • Discrimination against Hindus and Sikhs 

  • Violence against aid workers and Christians 

  • Restricting modern education 

  • Cultural genocide 

  • Ideology 

  • (Deobandi) Islamic rules 

  • Pashtun cultural influences 

  • Bamyan Buddhas 

  • Consistency 

  • Explanations 

  • Criticisms 

  • Leaders 

  • Overview 

  • Organization 

  • Conscription 

  • Economy 

  • International relations 

  • Canada 

  • China 

  • India 

  • Iran 

  • Pakistan 

  • Saudi Arabia 

  • Turkey 

  • Qatar 

  • Russia 

  • United Kingdom 

  • United States 

  • United Nations and NGOs 

  • Al-Qaeda 

  • Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban)