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Sa'ar 4.5-class missile boat


Israel Shipyards - Saar S72


Israeli Saar 5 and Saar 4.5 class corvette


Israel Shipyards Offshore Patrol Vessel OPV


IDF Saar 5 ship before Hezbollah missile strike


以色列海軍 薩爾4 5級導彈艇 剪輯 Israel Navy Sa'ar 4.5-class Missile speedboat

The Sa'ar 4.5-class missile boats is a class of Israeli Sea Corps missile boats designed and built by Israel Shipyards Ltd. as an improved and stretched Sa'ar 4-class missile boat. There are two different subclasses that are both named Sa'ar 4.5. The first subclass was initially called Chochit, but renamed to Aliya. Two Aliya-subclass boats are in service with the Mexican Navy. The second subclass was initially called Nirit but renamed to Hetz.
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