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Former US defence secretary James Mattis laughs off an insult hurled at him by president Donald Trump https://t.co/lMh6kGDCA6


"See you on the streets." @gretathunberg urges all to join Friday's global #climatestrike https://t.co/3H1CvkC895


"You can't send us back!": Trump speech interrupted by Virginia state delegate Ibraheem Samirah https://t.co/hukwtFNvw4


'We will not be silenced': squad Democrats decry Trump attacks https://t.co/FBbyzAFmh3 https://t.co/0OBiYGstLN

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper. It was known from 1821 until 1959 as the Manchester Guardian. Along with its sister papers The Observer and the Guardian Weekly, The Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust. The Trust was created in 1936 "to secure the financial and editorial independence of the Guardian in perpetuity and to safeguard the journalistic freedom and liberal values of the Guardian free from commercial or political interference." The Scott Trust was converted into a limited company in 2008, with a constitution written so as to project the same protections for the Guardian as were originally built into the very structure of the Trust by its creators. Profits are reinvested in journalism rather than to benefit an owner or shareholders.
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