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Trams in Melbourne


Trams in Melbourne, Australia 2017 - the Largest TramNetwork in the Wold!!!!


Trams of Melbourne, Australia 2017 - Largest Tram System in the World!!


How to Ride Trams in Melbourne Australia


Melbourne Trams - the largest tram system in the world. 2017


Melbourne Tram (Who said Trams can't fly through the air) Z1 Class

Trams are a major form of public transport in Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria, Australia. As of May 2017, the Melbourne tramway network consists of 250 kilometres of track, 493 trams, 24 routes, and 1,763 tram stops. It is the largest urban tramway network in the world, ahead of the networks in St Petersburg (205 km), Upper Silesia (200 km), Berlin (190 km), Moscow (181 km) and Vienna (172 km). Trams are the second most used form of public transport in overall boardings in Melbourne after the commuter railway network, with a total of 204 million passenger trips in 2016-17.
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