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Emperor Nicholas II visits Kaiser Wilhelm II - 1905


Russia: Lenin hides portrait of Tsar Nicholas II for almost 100 years


100th anniversary of the execution of Russia's last Tsar


Livadia palace: The summer residence of the last Russian tsar


Romanovs. Tsar Nicholas II wishes a happy Easter

Tsar, also spelled csar, or czar, is a title used to designate East and South Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers of Eastern Europe. As a system of government in the Tsardom of Russia and the Russian Empire, it is known as Tsarist autocracy, or Tsarism. The term is derived from the Latin word Caesar, which was intended to mean "Emperor" in the European medieval sense of the term—a ruler with the same rank as a Roman emperor, holding it by the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official —but was usually considered by western Europeans to be equivalent to king, or to be somewhat in between a royal and imperial rank.