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Dr Steve Purcell - Maximising on the benefits of Trochus



Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell - San Diego Comic Con 2017



Steve Purcell Speaks! [Comic Con 2010]



Me-Steve Purcell, in my jammies-monkey-ing' aroung on guitar 2011'



Steve Purcell - Guitar (Acoustic - Pop/Rock)

Steven Ross Purcell is an American cartoonist, animator, and game designer. He is most widely known as the creator of Sam & Max, an independent comic book series about a pair of anthropomorphic animal vigilantes and private investigators, for which Purcell received an Eisner Award in 2007. Since being a comic, the series has grown to incorporate an animated television series and several video games. A graduate of the California College of Arts and Craft, Purcell began his career creating comic strips for the college newsletter. He performed freelance work for Marvel Comics and Fishwrap Productions before publishing his first Sam & Max comic in 1987. Purcell was hired by LucasArts as an artist and animator in 1988, working on several titles within the company's adventure games era.
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