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Ahmad Shah Massoud


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Ahmad Shah Massoud was an Afghan politician and military commander. He was a powerful guerrilla commander during the resistance against the Soviet occupation between 1979 and 1989. In the 1990s, he led the government's military wing against rival militias; after the Taliban takeover, he was the leading opposition commander against their regime until his assassination in 2001.
  • Personal 

  • Communist revolution in Afghanistan (1978) 

  • Resistance against the Soviet Union (1979–1989) 

  • Fall of the Afghan communist regime (1992) 

  • Peace and power-sharing agreement (1992) 

  • Escalating war over Kabul (1992) 

  • Afshar operation (February 1993) 

  • Further war over Kabul (March–December 1993) 

  • War in Kabul, Taliban arise in the south (1994) 

  • Taliban siege of Kabul (1995–1996) 

  • United Front against the Taliban 

  • Cross-factional negotiations 

  • The areas of Massoud 

  • International relations 

  • Assassination 

  • National Hero of Afghanistan 

  • Lion of Panjshir 

  • Views on Pakistan and potential al-Qaeda attacks 

  • Succession and resistance to Taliban by his son 

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