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Al-Masjid an-Nabawi


Drone Footage From Eid Ul Fitr At Masjid An Nabawi


Inside Masjid Nabawi Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ mosque


THE MOST PEACEFUL PLACE ON EARTH ! Tour in Al Masjid an Nabawi

قناة السنة النبوية | المدينة المنورة بث مباشر| Madinah Live HD | Masjid Nabawi | La Madina en direct


Cleaning At Masjid An Nabawi

The Prophet's Mosque is a mosque established and originally built by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, situated in the city of Medina in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. It was the third mosque built in the history of Islam, and is now one of the largest mosques in the world. It is the second-holiest site in Islam, after the Great Mosque in Mecca. It is always open, regardless of date or time.
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