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Amish Friendship Bread Vasilopita (Greek New Year's Cake) Recipe


Vasilopita Saint Basile The Great bread. New Year


Vasilopita new years bread


Βασιλόπιτα 2020- Εύκολη και αρωματική | foodaholics | Vasilopita (sweet bread on New Year's Day)

Vasilopita is a New Year's Day bread or cake in Greece and many other areas in eastern Europe and the Balkans which contains a hidden coin or trinket which gives good luck to the receiver, like the Western European king cake. It is associated with Saint Basil's day, January 1, in most of Greece, but in some regions, the traditions surrounding a cake with a hidden coin are attached to Epiphany or to Christmas. It is made of a variety of dough, depending on regional and family tradition, including tsoureki. In some families, instead of dough, it is made from a custard base called galatopita. Some Greek atheists and republicanists, who appropriate the Christian tradition of Vasilopita, and then try to eradicate its Christian roots by renaming it, call it Chronópita, which means New Year's Pie.