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White House conference


Trump Is Rushed Out Of Press Conference After Shooting Near White House | TODAY


President Trump abruptly leaves news conference after reported shooting at White House


President Donald Trump exits press briefing after shooting on White House grounds


Late Night White House Press Conference with Trump: What’s the Best Part of Working with Mike Pence?


Trump escorted from news conference during security lockdown at the White House | AFP

A White House conference is a national meeting sponsored by the Executive Office of the President of the United States with the purpose of discussing an issue or topic of importance to the American public. Some last for one day while others last for several. Typical attendees of a White House conference include experts in the particular field, community leaders and citizens with an interest in the issue. The President usually speaks to a general session of the conference; the conference concludes by issuing a report to the President summarizing issues and making recommendations for executive or legislative action. The First Lady of the United States also sometimes hosts White House conferences. White House conferences are typically created by specific legislation.