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Redmi is a China-based smartphone and a sub-brand owned by the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. It was introduced as a budget smartphone line manufactured by Xiaomi, that was first announced in July 2013. It became a sub-brand, separated from Xiaomi, on 10 January 2019. Redmi phones use the Xiaomi MIUI user interface on top of Android. Models can be divided into regular Redmi phones with screens usually up to 5" and Redmi Note series with displays exceeding 5". The only other line is the Redmi Pro series, first introduced in 2016 with a dual camera system, USB-C and an OLED display. The Redmi A series has been marketed in several Asian and European countries. The most significant difference from other Xiaomi smartphones is that they use less-expensive components and thus are more cost-effective. In August 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that in the second quarter of the 2014 fiscal year, Xiaomi had a market share of 14% of smartphone shipment rankings in China. Redmi sales were attributed as a contributing factor toward this gain in shipment rankings.