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25/11/1844 Father of the car is born

Karl Benz was a German engineer and inventor. In 1929 he patented the first car, “Benz Patent-Motorwagen Nummer einz.” Benz was first interested in locks. Then he decided to study mechanical engineering. When he was riding a bicycle, he started to think about vehicles that would move with their own power.


  • Essentials 

  • Early life 

  • Benz's first factory and early inventions (1871–1882) 

  • Benz's Gasmotoren-Fabrik Mannheim (1882–1883) 

  • Benz & Cie. and the Benz Patent Motorwagen 

  • Bertha Benz's long-distance drive 

  • Benz & Cie. expansion 

  • Blitzen Benz 

  • Benz Söhne (1906–1923) 

  • Toward ''Daimler-Benz'' and the first ''Mercedes-Benz'' in 1926 

  • In popular culture