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Battle of Bamber Bridge


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The Battle of Bamber Bridge was an outbreak of racial violence and mutiny that began in the evening of 24 June 1943 among American servicemen stationed in the British village of Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. Coming just days after the 1943 Detroit race riot, the incident was provoked by the attempted arrest by white Military Police (MPs) of several black soldiers from the racially segregated 1511th Quartermaster Truck Regiment in Ye Old Hob Inn public house. The incident was made worse by the arrival of more military police armed with machine guns and the response of black soldiers who raided their base's armoury and armed themselves with rifles. Exchanges of fire took place until the early hours of 25 June. One soldier was killed and several MPs and soldiers injured. A court martial convicted 32 soldiers of mutiny and related crimes but blamed poor leadership and racist attitudes among the MPs.
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