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Don Alfredo (cocktail)


Don Rodrigo cocktail, cocktail con latte di cocco rum e Drambuie cannella pepe e noce moscata


Trump’s Golden Cowlick Cocktail, cocktail con prosecco sidro di mele e Chartreuse


Basito cocktail recipe, Italian Mojito with basil and white rum


How to make Basito cocktail, preparazione cocktail Basito con rum e basilico


Jennii - Coctel (Video Oficial)

Don Alfredo is a popular cocktail of modern Peruvian cuisine. The drink is prepared by mixing Peruvian mosto verde pisco, elderflower infused liquor such as St-Germain and lime juice in a cocktail glass filled with ice. The glass is then topped off with sparkling mineral water. It is usually served over ice in a lowball glass and garnished with a spring of mint leaf, basil or a lime peel. Other variants include the Don Alfredo Spritz, which adds champagne or cava to the mix, and a plethora of modified versions
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